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Mirror Housing Sizes
Talbot®Sport Mirrors are available in two housing sizes, the Senior and the Junior.
The Senior model is generally used for cars such as the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing and other larger cars. The mirror diameter is approximately 100mm [4"] diameter.
The housing of the Junior model, which is smaller than the Senior, is perfect for most sports cars and race cars. The mirror diameter is approximately 90mm [3.5"].

Materials of Construction
The Talbot® Berlin Series mirrors are made from hand spun brass. The brass casings are then polished and chrome plated for a traditional look. The result is a mirror that is concours quality.
The Talbot® SL series mirrors are made from hand spun aluminum. The standard finish is a brushed satin. Characteristics of these mirrors include minimized glare and a brushed finish that is perfect for a racing appearance. The housing are also lighter than the brass housings, only 140 grams [5oz.]. Polished aluminum can be special ordered. These mirrors look similar to the Berlin series [chrome plated] however they require occasional polishing.
We can also produce custom mirrors. We have provided special finishes including anodized aluminum, powder-coat and black chrome. Housings can be produced from titanium, stainless steel and many other materials. Talbot & Co. has produced custom mirrors for many prototype and show cars.

Mirror Elements
Talbot® mirrors have replaceable glass elements. "First Surface" mirrors are used for all Talbot® mirrors. These mirrors are a precision ground and are optically superior to the standard second surface type. Two shapes of mirror elements are offered - flat or convex. The convex lens has a 40" radius. Mirrors have a tinted glare-free coating, perfect for racing or night driving.

Mounting Systems
Several mounting systems are available for each type of mirror, the model numbers are listed below:

300 - U-bolt mount. Very secure mounting system. Needs access from backside of mirror to insert U-bolt.

301 - Surface mount with large cover plate to hide existing holes in body. Can be converted into a Model 300 by removal of cover plate.

303 - Surface mount. Uses 2 coined end bolts which are mounted to the body with sheet metal screws. No access to rear of mirror is required. Excellent for mounting in areas where rear access is limited, ie; bulkheads, seams, double panels.

All parts are available for Talbot® Mirror assemblies. We can provide replacement mirror glass in flat and convex or provide various mounting systems to suit all applications. This makes a Talbot® Mirror a lifetime investment for your car.

We ship our products UPS ground. If you are in need of a mirror immediately we are pleased to ship UPS next day service. There is never a handling charge, you pay only for shipping.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, also cash or personal checks sent in advance of shipment or we can ship your mirrors C.O.D.

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